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This is what I've got so far Empty This is what I've got so far

Post  Jonny on Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:09 pm

There is no reason to keep marijuana illegal any longer. The social, economic and medical benefits far outweigh any risk posed by marijuana. Yet the FDA has put this natural plant on Schedule I, the most restrictive drug schedule, due to a perceived lack of testing. In terms of testing, most foods we eat on a regular basis have yet to be tested to the extent that marijuana has. So either the FDA needs to ban the sale of all food products in the United States until their constituent chemicals are thoroughly tested, or they need to legalize marijuana until a risk can be identified.
Many of the foods sold in everyday markets are known to contain fatally poisonous levels of toxins. Apple seeds contain Amygdalin which is converted to hydrogen cyanide, during digestion. The phrase “As American as apple pie” would have new meaning if the FDA were to ban the sale and cultivation of apples. Also, wheat is one of the staples of civilization yet is causes anaphylaxis in some humans which can lead to death. Yet cannabis, a plant with no known fatalities in over 10,000 years of interaction, is illegal.
This country was built on marijuana; many of our founding documents were even printed on hemp paper. At one point, it was illegal for farm-owners to not grow marijuana. In retrospect, the phrase should go, “As American as cannabis.”


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