To get an idea of a few videos

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To get an idea of a few videos Empty Video

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:56 am

I like the interview idea. We should create a list of people and contact them to request an interview. We should choose people who are respected in the community and try to include doctors, lawyers, police, and politicians. See what you can come up with and post it here. Also I like the radio station feel of the last video. The first two videos were humor and they had an inverse viewpoint from ours. That's not what we're going for. I want to maintain a respectable image with this group and try to actually affect change. These humor videos won't ever change anything in the big picture, they serve as commentary and not much more. The Union is a good video, if we could make that into a 5-minute video, that would be perfect.

We should create a video that will influence those who oppose marijuana legalization and those on the fence with regards to the issue. We want to use the video to:

1. Get people talking/thinking about legalization.

2. Dispel some of the myths regarding marijuana use.

3. Provide an informative yet entertaining presentation of the facts.

4. Create a public image for our group. This video is going to represent us as a group so it needs to project our aims and promote our organization.

Just keep all of those things in mind and try to make the most professional quality video you can in the time allotted. Getting it done in time is most important.


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To get an idea of a few videos Empty To get an idea of a few videos

Post  demir09 on Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:11 pm

Check the videos. We can creative a video by photos and also we can speech ? or
we can record the people while they are speaking about it. What do you guys think ?


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