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Post  Jonny on Fri May 04, 2012 5:02 pm

Hello, we are Mass Acceptance, a marijuana legalization advocacy group.

Mass Acceptance is as group of students at Bunker Hill Community college who are working to reverse the taboos on marijuana by promoting its benefits and usefulness through numerous methods of public outreach. We believe that this cause is important because of the medical, economic, social, and civil rights benefits legalization would provide to all Americans.

Tell us about yourself

Marijuana would benefit ailing patients with many different diseases and legalization and taxation would generate billions in revenue, while categorizing marijuana along with drugs like heroin, LSD, and ecstasy is sending the wrong message to America’s youth. This is what causes marijuana to become a “gateway drug”. Violent enforcement of marijuana laws only leads to a rift between the public and the police resulting in upsetting civil rights violations. In order to maintain a society dedicated to justice, marijuana needs to be seen not as a threat, but as a real solution to the wide range of problems facing our community today.

Due to recent shifts in public opinion, marijuana has more support now than ever before. Currently, marijuana legalization for medicinal purposes is set to be on the ballot in Massachusetts on Nov. 6th. Federal bills are also being discussed to end federal prohibition of marijuana and to differentiate hemp from marijuana. Many candidates are even running on the platform of pro-legalization nowadays, which goes to show that Nov. is the time to make up your mind.

Explain what we did using the PP presentation.

Call to Action
Marijuana legalization is no longer an issue based on party politics, race, or religion. This is an issue about America and our freedom. Millions are incarcerated every year and lives are lost fighting the use of a drug which has never directly caused a single fatality on its own. Marijuana is not the problem, marijuana prohibition is. With only 6 months to go before we vote on medical marijuana in Massachusetts, now is the time to support this cause and inform your friends, your neighbors, your relatives. We no longer have to be afraid to show our support for marijuana. We must show our support, and we must end this injustice which has tattered the robe of liberty for too long.


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