Final Presentation rehearsal dates

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Final Presentation rehearsal dates Empty Final Presentation rehearsal dates

Post  Jonny on Fri May 04, 2012 5:22 pm

We need to meet to rehearse the presentation as many times as possible before Friday.

We will meet Tues. at noon, at the school, for our first rehearsal where we will need everyone present who will be there for the final presentation.

We need everyone there so we can settle on a final outline and rehearse it enough to get the automatic timing on our PP presentation set up.

We will meet Thurs. at 11:00am, at the school, for our second meeting to practice our final presentation without looking at written aids.

We need everyone there to get our transitions and anecdotes down and to work on hand gestures and stage position.

Please attend both meetings and check out the power point presentation to see the topics covered under the explanation in the outline.


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