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Post  izzym185 on Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:54 pm

Dear Senator…,

I am writing to you today as a college student at Bunker Hill community college regarding House Bill 2929 and Senate Bill 1801, a pair of bills looking to regulate, tax, and legalize the production and sale of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. I strongly urge you to back these bills due to all the positive effects the legalization of marijuana could bring our state and so we can take the first step in ending this prohibition that has failed since day one. Prohibition failed America in the nineteen twenties in fact it benefited criminals because of the enormous demand for alcohol and the new black market value prohibition branded it with. Of course all this led to severe raise in crime and alcohol was still more accessible than ever. If you compare them side by side there is no difference in the two prohibitions other than marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol and now our countries teenagers have come to dealing black market marijuana putting them in serious danger. Marijuana belongs in medical dispensaries and in the same category as alcohol and cigarettes it has no place on the DEA’s schedule one alongside heroin, ecstasy, and LSD.

Marijuana is no longer an underground subculture for the outcast of society. Today it is an industry built around the natural plant for its calming and medical benefits but is held back by its illegal status. Some studies project that if marijuana was legal it would produce upward of one hundred million dollars in tax revenue. America is in an economic crisis and I do not believe marijuana is the answer to our state or countries problems but it would surely help due to the fact it is high in demand and low in risk to the users. Marijuana is an industry and like any industry it would create jobs from standard retail, business management, botany, shipping, etc. Jobs are another of Massachusetts’ needs legalization would help aid. It only seems right to exploit this all natural and safe plant for all this money it can make and allow adults to access a smoking substance that will not kill them like widely produced tobacco cigarettes will.

One of the greatest benefits of properly grown and harvested marijuana is that it carries incredible medicinal benefits which people suffering from AIDS, glaucoma, Cancer, Chrohn’s disease, turrets. Even if one prefers to not smoke today the benefits of marijuana and its active chemical THC (tetrahydrocannibinol) can come in the form of pills, food, and drinks. THC is not a dangerous chemical our brains have receptors to this chemical, our brains have a specific part made for this medicine. My father suffers from Glaucoma and often we won’t have the money for pills he needs and he will instead smoke marijuana, this issue hits home for me because I hate the idea of my father not getting access to this medicine and it worries me seeing him having to go through drug dealers just to cure his ailment. Marijuana is medicine and helps people in other parts of the country every day.

Marijuana legalization has now just become a matter of common sense and morals. Senator…, why is it that alcohol and tobacco cigarettes can be mass produced and sold to adults and it be entirely fine while knowing that those two substances are directly responsible for thousands of deaths every year but marijuana, a substance that has never directly killed anyone and is believed to be medicinal can be illegal and demonized? If you look at the effects of Marijuana and Alcohol you would find the “high” you get from Marijuana to be calming and may make a person somewhat passive but the “drunk” from alcohol will disorient you, possibly alter ones mood into extreme states, and generally poses the risk to make one a threat to himself and the people around him. Marijuana compared to tobacco cigarettes is just this simple, Cigarettes kill, and marijuana does not. I believe adults twenty one and up have every right to enjoy alcohol and tobacco at their own risk but this also leads me to believe they should have the right to use marijuana if they choose because it will not kill them slowly.

I hope you find the time to read this letter and help support me and Massachusetts by backing House Bill 2929 and Senate Bill 1801. Marijuana is safe and useful on many different levels. Think back to studying the prohibition in high school or perhaps colleges, it does not work it didn’t then and it does not now. I am here not preaching “weed for everyone” but that marijuana is something I believe our commonwealth should take the first step in normalizing and discrediting all these lies surrounding what is nothing more than a simple plant that has a certain chemical in it. Marijuana is safe and it can truly help our commonwealth and hopefully one day our country, I hope you choose to help me in taking the first step.

Your constituent, Israel Martin


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