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Post  Jonny on Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:34 pm

New Outline


   Marijuana prohibition is bad because...3 reasons

   We are...

   We do...

   Thesis (summary)

   Explain reason 1

   Explain reason 2

   Explain reason 3

   Involve the viewer in the problem (this is your problem too, because...)

   This is how to fix this problem (vote for medical marijuana Nov. 6)


Script ideas:

Legend: {audio} (visual effect) [on-screen text]

Here are some ideas for an intro, again use your imagination.

This section should take up the lead-in to whatever music we use:


    {Music Starts}

    (fade in)…Logo black>


When the song starts come in with this:


    [Marijuana prohibition has failed.]


    [It turns good kids into criminals,]


    [destroys the lives of millions,]


    [and costs taxpayers millions.]


    “We are ‘Mass Acceptance’ and we’re fighting to dispel the myths about marijuana and squelch the fears associated with its use.”


    "Through action"

    <420 direct action>

    "by interacting with the public"


    "and by spreading awareness online."


    [Marijuana is a plant, not a homicidal maniac, and it should be treated as such.]


Feel free to change these.

    How lives are destroyed

    How it turns kids into criminals

    How it generates money

    “As a Massachusetts voter, the opportunity to take a stand is now."


[as American as cannabis]


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